Ebay Seat Mat Bypass For BMW E46 E36 Passenger Occupancy Pad Sensor Airbag Emulator

Ebay Seat Mat Bypass For BMW E46 E36 Passenger Occupancy Pad Sensor Airbag Emulator

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Buy on Ebay Seat Mat Bypass For BMW E46 E36 Passenger Occupancy Pad Sensor Airbag Emulator from 9.93 € selled by i.bypass.

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Cygnetic - Ebay listing page fixes Seat Occupancy Mat Emulator fits  OLDER bmw: E46E36E38E39E65Z3X5 Instead of putting the issues with your car behind you, a seat mat emulator can help you move forward with peace of mind. As a unique way to maintain safety regulations and improve the form and function of your car, this one of a kind product can help you drive safely and securely. Do you want to fix the airbag problem without having it blow up in your face? You cannot pass the annual test for vehicle safety? Are you tired of seeing airbag and seat belt lights glaring on your vehicles dashboard? Congratulations, you're in the right place! This listing includes: item description, legal agreement, installation guidelines. aoba Free returns Love your purchase or send it back for refund What Is a Seat Mat Emulator For? A seat mat emulator serves as a substitution for the factory-issued occupancy mat that comes standard with most factory model cars. Rather than driving with airbag and seat belt warning lights on when this mat malfunctions, the emulator will treat the seats in your car as if they are actually occupied by an adult, no matter who or what is sitting there. We recommend using a replacement mat from the manufacturer of your car if your current mat is defective, but we recognise that this isn't always possible or practical. Our product is a fine choice especially if your vehicle has been modified such that the original seat occupancy mat doesn't work right. Don`t make a mistake Please note that today available seat mat emulators will only correct problems related to the seat occupancy sensor. You should perform a full diagnostic before using our product to make sure that it's actually the seat occupancy mat that's not working right. Issues with your belt tensioner, ignition circuit, firing circuit, drivers restrain, or airbag deployment equipment won't be resolved merely by installing our product to your car. Though it would be nice if our device could correct all kinds of unrelated faults, this is sadly not the case. Seat mat emulator Emulates an occupied seat original connector High durability components Custom made enclosure Original connector Hight durability components Custom made enclosure Please click on the picture below to chose the correct emulator for your vehicle: Fiat Mercedes - Benz BMW Mazda Fast and Easy to Use When you need a fast, affordable solution, the seat mat emulator can be the difference your vehicle needs. Incredibly simple to use and highly effective. Easy plug&play Functionality Don't know much about cars? That's okay. Seat mat emulators are extremely simple to use and can simply be plugged into your car. Most emulators include an original connector for easy installation and can be added to your car with the push of a button. In most cases, warning lights disappear as soon as the emulator is installed, but some errors require diagnostics to adequately solve. Easy Installation top quality In order to provide the best possible solutions to our customers, we are consistently dedicated to superior levels of quality. That's why we offer a ten year warranty on our emulators, guaranteeing your peace of mind. Our products are all manufactured using parts from leading suppliers like Samsung and Texas Instruments, providing a great experience from start to finish. Lifetime warranty Highly Certified In an effort to offer reliable quality and consistent service to our customers, emulators are manufactured conforming to ISO9001:2008 requirements. Emulators are certified by numerous accreditation bodies. Current certifications include: Quality Management Standards Environmentally friendly RoHS Carries CE marking Certificates Why does your car have an occupancy mat? Airbags, while valuable, aren't infallible. When deployed at full speed, they can cause fatal injuries to children and small adults, usually less than 30kg in weight, who are present in the passenger seat when an accident occurs. In order to prevent fatal injury, car manufacturers now install seat occupancy mats within car seat cushions. An occupant recognition sensor detects the pressure caused by the weight and controls weather the airbag should be deployed at full speed, partial speed, or not at all. IMPORTANT: NEVER PLACE AN INFANT IN A REAR-FACING CHILD SEAT IN THE FRONT PASSENGER SEAT WHILE USING OUR PRODUCT. Even with the original seat occupancy mat installed, an infant should be restrained in a rear-facing, reclining child seat that is properly secured in a rear passenger seat. Once the seat mat emulator is installed, you cannot put a rear-facing, reclining child seat in the front passenger seat because the passenger airbag is constantly enabled and will deploy at full speed regardless of whether or not a passenger is present. Legal agreement The buyer is responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of the seat mat emulator. If you allow people to drive your vehicle while the emulator is installed, it is up to you to inform them of it and instruct them on any precautions they need to follow. For a fully functional system, you should obtain original parts from the manufacturer of your car and have them installed by the dealership or factory-authorised personnel. Installation Guidelines and Instructions for BMW made until September 2005 Proper installation is an important part of efficient functionality. We realise that not all customers will be well versed in the inner workings of their cars, which is why we strive to provide products that are easy to use, install, and enjoy. Please follow all directions fully for best results. 1. Instalment Preparations The ignition must remain switched off throughout installation. Do not attempt to use the radio or air conditioning while installing the device. Move the passenger seat all the way up and lean the seat fully forward or backward, depending on vehicle make and model, to gain best access to the seat mat connector. 2. Car Wiring Please review the wiring colours used in your car to ensure you are connecting the seat mat emulator in the correct location. BMW cars until model year 2005 feature the same wiring colours: white, blue wires correspond with the seat occupancy mat. The occupancy mat connector is connected to the black, seat mat control box. The seat mat control box is clipped to the seat cushion at the rear of the seat. For better access, the control box can be twisted and unclipped from its original location. The seat occupancy mat wire (1). In this model the seat mat control box is hidden under the steel plate (2). 3. Unplug connector Unplug a seat mat connector. 4. connector unplugged The seat mat connector unplugged. 5.connect emulator Connect the seat mat emulator. Diagnostics might be necessary to clear the error code. The seat mat emulator installation is complete. Troubleshooting If installation is successful, your car should continue to function like normal. However, if issues persist, there are additional troubleshooting measures that can help your car get back on track. If the SRS/Airbag light is still lit after the emulator is correctly installed, check for other diagnostic errors. The emulator cannot fix unrelated faults, such as those affecting the ignition circuit, belt tensioner driver, airbag stage et cetera. If there are other faults causing the errors to persist, please take your car to a certified mechanic. If the airbag light returns after days, weeks, or months of error-free use, please clean all connections under the passenger, and driver seats using a contact cleaner. Over time, oxidation causes connections to lose conductivity, causing bad signal throughput. This can be enough to trigger a fault code. An airbag light cannot be removed: If the seat occupancy mat is not fixed for prolonged periods of time, the error is stored in a footwell module. In this case, specific BMW diagnostics are required in order to erase the fault. ©2017 Sparklingfix
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We are not affiliated in any way with any auto manufacturer. This is not a product of any auto manufacturer it is just a custom made product that fits specific vehicles stated in our ads. As this is just a fix to the airbag, seatbelt, tpms lights and etc. we cannot take any responsibility for any damages to your car or responsibility of any legal issues that may arise from installing these devices. Any problems that arise from installing this unit is the responsibility of the installer/buyer and this will not harm your car if installed correctly. Even if it fits and works with majority variants specified by us we still cannot guaranty that it will work with every single vehicle. This may not be a legal fix for your vehicle in certain countries. Products size shape and colour may differ from time to time but that does not affect overall quality and durability. Seat Mat emulators may last for life in your vehicle but you should be aware that this should not be used as a permanent solution. Therefore, DO NOT USE this module with a child seat in the front passenger seat. We cannot take any responsibility for additional costs that may arise for our products installation, diagnostics, faults reset, etc. We cannot accept any responsibility for import tax and duty charges and responsibility for delayed goods by Postal Service or Customs.

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