Ebay Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit

Ebay Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit

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Este producto se encuentra dentro de la categoría de Replacement Parts & Tools donde además podras encontrar mucho mas artículos relacionados.

Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit ha sido confeccionado y vendido por kevin920406a. Por 1.61 € este es un producto bueno . kevin920406a es un usuario con una reputación de 98.9 % votos positivos. Es un vendedor con más de 6969 votos. Nos hemos comunicado varias veces con el para tomar esta decisión.

Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit se envía desde Shenzhen ( ) a Worldwide, lo que es una buena noticia.

Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit se vende a través de Ebay, aunque también puede encontrarse en Amazón y AliExpress. En la sección de productos relacionados encontrarás las alternativas a este producto en otros portales.

No hemos podido probar este producto a fondo, pero siempre puedes dirigirte a la web del vendedor para obtener más información pinchando aquí.

Este producto está disponible hasta el 10/02/2020. No dejes escapar esta oportunidad.

This product is within the Replacement Parts & Tools category where you can also find much more related articles.

Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit has been made and sold by kevin920406a. For 1.61 € this is a good product. kevin920406a is a user with a reputation of 98.9 % positive feedback. It's a seller with over 6969 votes. We have communicated several times with to make this decision.

Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit is shipping from Shenzhen ( ) to Worldwide, which it is good news.

Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit sold through Ebay, but can also be found on Amazon and AliExpress. In the section related products find alternatives to this product in other portals.

We could try this product thoroughly, but you can always go to the website of the seller for more information by clicking here


This product is available until 10/02/2020. Do not let this chance go away.

Compra en Ebay Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit desde 1.61 € vendido por kevin920406a.

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Buy on Ebay Quiet Mute Sounds Hand Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism DIY Repair Tool Parts Kit from 1.61 € selled by kevin920406a.

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Great for repairing, replacing or making a clock.Specifications:- Material : Plastic + Metal- Movement: Quartz- Quartz Clock Movement Size : 55mm x 55mm x 16mm- Voltage: 1.5V- Powered by: one AA battery (Battery NOT included)- Crystal Frequency: 32.768KHz- Average Difference: ±2sec/day at 1.5v, 24℃- Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃- Circumferential Output Frequency: 0.5Hz- Second-hand output torque: ≥1.5gf-cm(1.5V)Package Contents:1 x Quartz Clock Movement1 x Hour Hand1 x Minute Hand1 x Second Hand1 x Nut1 x Rubber Washer1 x Metal Washer  Payment  1, PayPal is the only online payment method we accept. Please make sure you have a valid/confirmed PayPal account prior bidding. 2, All PayPal Payments must be Confirmed ( Shipping and billing addresses must match ) 3, Payment must be made within 48 hours of the auction end time. 4, Non-Paying bidders will be reported. Shipping  1, We only ship to the confirmed address provided by PayPal. Before you pay, please make sure your address in PayPal matches the address you would like us to ship to. 2, Buyers' Information: We try our best to provide you the most reliable, affordable way of shipping service. But sometimes international delivery is highly depended on the courier company and local customs/duties. 3, If you do not receive your item on time, please contact us immediately for further assistance. Thank you for your understanding. 4, All items will be shipped within 1 business day by China Post upon receipt of payment (except weekends and Holidays). 5, We are unable to take any responsibility for any custom delay or tax. Reason is because transit time is highly depended and provided by Postal Service (except weekends and holidays). Returns   1. We offer 30 days money back guarantee on our products, so buy with confidence. 2. Please note; physical damaged or damage as a result of misuse or improper installation on the buyer/user's part is not covered by warranty. 3. Items must be returned back to us in original condition with all packaging included. 4. For all return products, buyers MUST contact us for the return address with 7 days. 5. In all cases, buyer pays shipping fees to return products for exchange or refund. Please attach your eBay ID for identification. 6. We appreciate your business, and are striving to serve you better every day, strive for 100% customer satisfaction!  7. Feedback is very very important to us. So Please do not leave negative feedback to me, if you are not satisfied with the items, please feel free to contact us. We will response in 24 hours to resolve the problems. Feedback Should you have any questions or feel unsatisfied with the transaction, please feel free to contact us via eBay message before leaving feedbacks and DSR scores. The negative / neutral feedback and low DSR scores are of very negative effect on our account status. We will surely try our best to resolve the problem to your satisfaction! 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