Ebay 6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC

Ebay 6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC

Product Code :SL0054%mis

11.8625.78 €

Origen/Location: Ontario, California ( )Envio/Shipping to:

misladyshop 97.9 %

Votos Positivos: 32394

Este producto se encuentra dentro de la categoría de Fuses & Fuse Holders donde además podras encontrar mucho mas artículos relacionados.

6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC ha sido confeccionado y vendido por misladyshop. Por 11.86 € este es un producto aceptable para su precio . misladyshop es un usuario con una reputación de 97.9 % votos positivos. Es un vendedor excelente con más de 32394 votos. Nos hemos comunicado varias veces con el para tomar esta decisión.

6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC se envía desde Ontario, California ( ) a , lo que es una buena noticia.

6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC se vende a través de Ebay, aunque también puede encontrarse en Amazón y AliExpress. En la sección de productos relacionados encontrarás las alternativas a este producto en otros portales.

No hemos podido probar este producto a fondo, pero siempre puedes dirigirte a la web del vendedor para obtener más información pinchando aquí.

Este producto está disponible hasta el 21/03/2020. No dejes escapar esta oportunidad.

This product is within the Fuses & Fuse Holders category where you can also find much more related articles.

6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC has been made and sold by misladyshop. For 11.86 € this is a acceptable price product. misladyshop is a user with a reputation of 97.9 % positive feedback. It's a excellent seller with over 32394 votes. We have communicated several times with to make this decision.

6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC is shipping from Ontario, California ( ) to , which it is good news.

6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC sold through Ebay, but can also be found on Amazon and AliExpress. In the section related products find alternatives to this product in other portals.

We could try this product thoroughly, but you can always go to the website of the seller for more information by clicking here


This product is available until 21/03/2020. Do not let this chance go away.

Compra en Ebay 6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC desde 11.86 € vendido por misladyshop.

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Buy on Ebay 6 Way 12V~32V Auto Car Power Distribution Blade Fuse Holder Box Block Board USCC from 11.86 € selled by misladyshop.

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Fuse holder with LED indicators for fast fault identifying. You can distinguish the fuses with different color, (Yellow fuse's rated current is 20A, blue one is 15A, red one is 10A, orange one is 5A) Comes with transparent splash proof and dust proof cover & 40pcs stickers, easy to identity and operate. This fuse box is suitable for all kinds of automotive and marine applications, including 12V & 24V systems (maximum voltage 32V).   Specifications:  Input Wire: #4-6 AWG Output Wire: #12-16 AWG Fuse Holder Type: 6-Way Fuse Type: Standard Blade Fuse (ATO / ATC) Rated Volt: 32V DC Fuse: 20Ax4, 15Ax4, 10Ax2, 5Ax2 LED Indicator Color: Red (As pictures show) Dimensions: approx. 8.5 x 7 x 3.5cm Warm Tip: If the indicator emits red light which means the fuse is already blown so you need to change a new one. Package Contents:   1*Fuse Box Holder 40*Sticker 4*Self Tapping Screw 4*20A Fuse 4*15A Fuse 2*10A Fuse 2 *5A Fuse Note:The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness. Detail Images Shipment All item will be carefully packaged very well with safe material and shipped to US States. Items will be sent in 2 working days,usually shipped by USPS Priority Mail. It will take about 3-5 days to US addresses. If you would like to ship by other shipment methods,please contact us.( shipping cost will be combined for multiple items you purchase at a time.) Payment Only PayPal is acceptable.It is a safe and easy payment method for buyers. Please pay in 48 hours after you win the item(s).If payment cannot be made in five days,your order(s) will be claimed as unpaid case and the item will be relisted. Return & Refund Customer satisfaction is our first priority. 30-days return is available after delivery. However, return shipping and insurance cost will be on buyers. Please email us before returning. Delivery date will be different according to UPS or USPS tracking system, so please inspect your item immediately upon arrival. Money will be return to you after the return item is sent back. We can not refund to you, if your return item is broken or damaged. Please ensure its safety. Feedback Your feedback is very important to us. If you can't leave us a "5-Star" rating and a positive feedback, please contact us without hesitation before leaving feedback. We are eager to work with our customers. We believe in communication. Give us a call or send us an email, we will make things right for our buyers. Positive feedback for our buyers will be left automatically by eBay Seller Manager Pro. .dc_tracker_img{display:none;}.dc_tracker_img:last-of-type{display:block;}p:empty+hr{display:none;}hr+span.ebay{display:none;}
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Restocking FeeNo
All returns acceptedReturns Accepted
Item must be returned within60 Days
Refund will be given asMoney back or replacement (buyer's choice)
Return shipping will be paid byBuyer
Fuse TypeATC/ATO-Blade
FitmentCars,Trucks,Boat,Van etc.
Voltage:12V ~32V
Wire Gauge6

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