Ebay 2014 Watercar Panther Amphibious Car and Boat

Ebay 2014 Watercar Panther Amphibious Car and Boat

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Por 112739.57 € es un producto mejorable . 2014 Watercar Panther Amphibious Car and Boat ha sido confeccionado y vendido por propiedades que es un usuario con una reputación de 100.0 % votos positivos.

2014 Watercar Panther Amphibious Car and Boat se envía desde Miami, Florida ( ) a Worldwide, lo que es una buena noticia.

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For 112739.57 € this is a mejorable item. 2014 Watercar Panther Amphibious Car and Boat has been made and sold by propiedades that it's a seller with a reputation of 100.0 % positive feedback.

2014 Watercar Panther Amphibious Car and Boat is shipping from Miami, Florida ( ) to Worldwide, that it's a good news.

This item is available until 20/11/2019.

2014 Watercar Panther Amphibious Car and Boat sold through Ebay, but can also be found on Amazon and AliExpress. In the section related products find alternatives to this product in other portals.

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propiedades is a razonable seller with over 341 votes. We have communicated several times with to make this decision.

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Buy on Ebay 2014 Watercar Panther Amphibious Car and Boat from 112739.57 € selled by propiedades.

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VIN number is actually a HIN number ( Hull Identification Number) and it shows on the title as: WAT00012D414ebay format does not allow for less than 17 VIN digits and ebay asked me to clarify and include the VIN (HIN) number as shown on the title on the description of the listing instead. Vehicle has indeed a perfectly valid title with vehicle registration as well as boat registration.Here is somebody's unique chance to drive (both on land or water) a piece of history that made world news only a few years back by being the first amphibious watercar to be driven from the mainland to Catalina Island. Owned at the time by WaterCar owner and designer Dave March, this one of a kind, specially built WaterCar was designed to also be the owners personal yacht tender. Nothing was spared on this unique, one of a kind WaterCar and it is one of the very few designed to be also used as a boat tender. Used only in fresh water since upgrades but ready for any body of water. This WaterCar looks amazing and gets all the attention anywhere it goes.What a perfect combination of form and function. You take your amphibious tender with you on your next island adventure, anchor at your favorite offshore spot and this WaterCar allows you to seamlessly go back and forth from your yacht to shore, exit the water, tour land, deliver or pick up guests on land, pick up provisions, or do anything you would normally do with a car. This is the ultimate boat tender and will quickly became you and your guests most popular yacht toy. Make no mistake, while the fun factor of this WaterCar is off the charts, it is a serious and proven amphibious vehicle that removes land / water limitations and gives real meaning to the term "off road". Titled and registered both as a car and a boat in Florida, you can read all about its recent but glorious past by doing a search with terms "Catalina WaterCar". It has since gone back to the factory, been upgraded to later generation improvements and gone through from end to end. Recent upgrades include a newer Honda V-Tec 275 HP engine replacement similar to the ones now found on the 2018 models, complete upgrade of cooling system with features not found on any other WaterCar, which makes this beauty an even more special and rare one. Do not own a yacht? No problem. There is no other vehicle as versatile and fun as the WaterCar. Why own a boat that sits on a trailer or pays dock fees while not being enjoyed or an SUV that gets you to the edge of the water and then makes you wish you had a boat? Simple, easy to store and maintain, can be parked and driven anywhere a normal car would go and way beyond!! The WOW factor any time you drive it or enter or exit a body of water is like nothing you have ever experienced. You enter the water, retract the wheels and you are one serious and unstoppable adrenaline and smile generator at 40+ miles/hour in the water. There are videos, reviews and images on YouTube and the web but I will be happy to answer any serious inquiries. This is a privately owned WaterCar. Please do your homework as this is not like any other WaterCar in the market. It might look similar but it has the added option of allowing you to lift it on a yacht. If you are considering acquiring this particular WaterCar as your Yacht Tender, note that your crane or davits must be able to handle its 3000 lbs. weight.Vehicle is located in Miami, Fl. I can assist with shipping anywhere in the world. Buyer can fly into Miami International Airport. It can be shipped anywhere in a regular 20 ft container.
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