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NEW NESPRESSO ORIGINAL**COFFEE CAPSULES PODS ALL FLAVORS**FREE SHIPPING** ha sido confeccionado y vendido por lacentralcafe. Por 9.71 € este es un producto . lacentralcafe es un usuario con una reputación de 99.5 % votos positivos. Es un vendedor mejorable con más de 4762 votos. Nos hemos comunicado varias veces con el para tomar esta decisión.

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MINIMUM ORDER 2 SLEEVES. To choose more than one flavor - pick a flavor and the desired amount, use the "add to cart" option and continue to choose the next flavorSLEEVES ARE SOLD SEALED, IN THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGE CONTAINING 10 CAPSULES. PICK AND CHOOSE ANY FLAVORS OF THESE ORIGINAL NESPRESSO CAPSULES.BEST BEFORE DATE:  August 2020 - December 2020                                                                                                                                PURCHASE 6 SLEEVES AND UP - GET FREE UPGRADE TO EXPEDITED PRIORITY SHIPPING!CHOOSE FROM:Barista Creations:Chiaro - Inspired by the baristas of Brooklyn, this smooth blend reveals its natural caramel and sweet biscuit notes when combined with milk. Scuro - Inspired by Melbourne baristas –  an intense, roasted coffee taste that balances perfectly with milk.  Corto - Inspired by the dark roasted tastes and thick textures created by the expert baristas of Spain, a powerful, full-bodied taste, which becomes smoother and creamier with a splash of milk. Intenso:Napoli - intensity: 13. EXCEPTIONALLY DARK AND CREAMY.The most intense and dark roast in this range, inspired by the capital of coffee, reveals the deep-rooted roasting traditions of Naples. Kazaar – intensity: 12. EXCEPTIONALLY INTENSE AND SYRUPY:     A daring blend of two Robustas from Brazil and Guatemala, specially prepared for Nespresso, and a separately roasted Arabica from South America, Kazaar is a coffee of exceptional intensity. Its powerful bitterness and notes of pepper are balanced by a full and creamy texture.  ·       Dharkan – intensity: 11. LONG ROASTED AND VELVETY:This blend of Arabicas from Latin America and Asia fully unveils its character thanks to the technique of long roasting at a low temperature. Its powerful personality reveals intense roasted notes together with hints of bitter cocoa powder and toasted cereals that express themselves in a silky and velvety texture. ·      Ristretto Italiano– intensity: 10. POWERFUL AND CONTRASTING: A blend of South American and East African Arabicas, with a touch of Robusta, roasted separately to create the subtle fruity note of this full-bodied, intense espresso. ·       Arpeggio – intensity: 9. INTENSE AND CREAMY: A dark roast of pure South and Central American Arabicas, Arpeggio has a strong character and intense body, enhanced by cocoa notes.Venezia - intensity: 8. BALANCED AND THICK. Harmonious balanced of elements, with a delicate acidity, caramel notes and a hint of bitterness. ·       Roma – intensity: 8. FULL AND BALANCED: The balance of lightly roasted South and Central American Arabicas with Robusta, gives Roma sweet and woody notes and a full, lasting taste on the palate.   Espresso: ·       Livanto – intensity: 6. ROUND AND BALANCED: A pure Arabica from South and Central America, Livanto is a well-balanced espresso characterized by a roasted caramelized note. ·       Capriccio – intensity: 5. RICH AND DISTINCTIVE: Blending South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta, Capriccio is an espresso with a rich aroma and a strong typical cereal note. ·       Volluto – intensity: 4. SWEET AND LIGHT: A pure and lightly roasted Arabica from South America, Volluto reveals sweet and biscuity flavors, reinforced by a little acidity and a fruity note. ·       Cosi – intensity: 4. LIGHT AND LEMONY: Pure, lightly roasted East African, Central and South American Arabicas make Cosi a light-bodied espresso with refreshing citrus notes.  Master Origin:Master Origin India - Intensity: 11. INTENSE AND SPICY.  Master Origin India with Robusta Monsoon gets its intense, woody, spicy aromatics. Makes a great coffee with milk Master Origin Indonesia - Intensity: 8. TOBACCO LEAVES & WOODY.  Velvety thick, wildly aromatic, notes of cured tobacco. Nutty, woody and roasted notes emerge in this intense Master Origin coffee with milk.Master Origin Colombia - Intensity: 6. WINEY & RED FRUITS.Lively acidity and the burst of winey red fruit aromas. Sweet biscuit notes emerge when this Colombian coffee combines with milk froth.Master Origin Nicaragua - Intensity: 5. SMOOTH HONEY & SWEET CEREAL.Smooth honeyed texture and sweet cereal notes. As a coffee with milk, it’s balanced and has nutty, roasted notes that surface. Master Origin Ethiopia - Intensity: 4. FRUIT JAM & ORANGE BLOSSOM. It has an orange blossom aroma, but the rich fruit jam notes come from the sun-dried coffee. Delicate floral notes still smoothly dancing through this cup of coffee with milk.   Lungo:Envivo Lungo - Intensity: 9. POTENT AND CARAMELIZED: A bold coffee, with caramelized notes reminiscent of aromatic woods and gingerbread. Served as a morning coffee, it offers a pleasant body and taste together with a high intensity. ·       Fortissio Lungo – intensity: 8. RICH AND INTENSE: Made from Central and South American Arabicas with just a hint of Robusta, Fortissio Lungo is an intense full-bodied blend with bitterness, which develops notes of dark roasted beans. ·       Vivalto Lungo – intensity: 4. COMPLEX AND BALANCED: Vivalto Lungo is a balanced coffee made from a complex blend of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas, combining roasted and subtle floral notes. ·       Linizio Lungo – intensity: 4. ROUND AND SMOOTH: Mild and well-rounded on the palate, Linizio Lungo is a blend of fine Arabicas enhancing malt and cereal notes.     Decaffeinato: ·       Ristretto Decaffeinato - intensity: 10. POWERFUL AND CONTRASTING:Latin American and East African Arabicas sophisticatedly blended with a touch of Robusta, roasted separately to create the subtle fruity note of this full bodied, intense Espresso. Arpeggio Decaffeinato - intensity: 9. DARK ROASTED AND RICH IN FLAVOR.Arpeggio Decaffeinato boasts the same strong character, intense body and indulgent cocoa notes as the original Arpeggio Grand Cru.Volluto Decaffeinato - intensity: 4. DELIGHTFULLY SWEET AND SMOOTH.Volluto Decaffeinato has the same rich flavors and round body as the original Volluto Grand Cru. Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato - intensity: 4. COMPLEX YET BALANCED BLEND. Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato has the same rich character as the original Vivalto Lungo Grand Cru. Variations: ·        Ciocattino – intensity: 6. CHOCOLATE FLAVORED: Dark and bitter chocolate notes meet the caramelized roast of the Livanto Grand Cru.  A rich combination reminiscent of a square of dark chocolate. ·        Vanilio – intensity: 6. VANILLA FLAVORED:A balanced harmony between the rich and the velvety aromas of vanilla and the mellow flavor of the Livanto Grand Cru. A blend distinguished by its full flavor, infinitely smooth and silky on the palate.CC  Caramelito – intensity: 6. CARAMEL FLAVORED:The sweet flavor of caramel softens the roasted notes of the Livanto Grand Cru. This delicate gourmet marriage evokes the creaminess of soft toffee.
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