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Compra en Ebay 10 MKS FRONT CAMERA AA5T13C105BA desde 121.68 € vendido por okautopartsms.

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Buy on Ebay 10 MKS FRONT CAMERA AA5T13C105BA from 121.68 € selled by okautopartsms.

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The 30 day period starts when you take possession of the part. No labor warranty is provided. Parts are sold strictly as replacement parts only. Parts that are purchased with the intent of upgrading or adding options that the intended vehicle were not equipped with are sold AS IS without warranty. If you are attempting to upgrade to options that your vehicle is not equipped with you will need to do your own research prior to purchase. In the event a part sold with a warranty fails to operate within the warranty period we will replace the part(s) with a functionally equivalent part or refund the part purchase price, at our option. No refund on deposits or unwanted special order parts or special "cut" items. To return an item you must contact us within the 30 day period to obtain a RMA number (return material authorization). Original shipping charges and return shipping charges are not refunded. Once you obtain an RMA number, ship the item back to OK Auto Parts, 771 HWY 49 South, Richland, MS 39218 along with the RMA number. SHIPPING NOTES ABOUT US HELP OK Auto Parts ships to US addresses within the 48 states. Any and all other destinations will be shipped through the eBay Global Shipping Program. Small packages will ship UPS Ground only. We do not ship USPS and do not ship to P.O. Boxes. Large items that require freight shipping will ship on a common carrier such as R&L Carriers, AAA Cooper, South Eastern, etc. We are responsible for your purchase getting to you safely so we only ship on carriers that we have confidence in taking care of the items we are selling in order to get them to you safely. Pick up at our facilities is available. Please message us prior to your purchase to arrange pick up. Items will be shipped within 1-2 days of purchase. Please allow 5-10 days for delivery. Most areas in the US are within 5 days. No expedited shipping is available. If an item arrives damaged, please email us within 24 hrs for instructions.   If you have a question about a part please contact us BEFORE purchasing. Our main contact method is via eBay Messaging. We try to answer all messages within 1 hour of receiving during business hours, Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time. We monitor eBay messages after business hours and on holidays as well and will answer those questions as soon as possible if we can. If we are unable to answer your question after business  hours then we will answer them in the order they were received on the next business day.   Core Charge. Core is an acronym for ‘Cash On Return’. A core charge is sometimes applied to rebuildable parts such as engines or alternators that can be redeemed for a portion of their original price. If the part you are purchasing has a core charge applied, it will be noted in the description. Parts Grading. A standard code system is used to communicate the condition and quality of a part between automotive recyclers, automotive repair shops, and insurers. Knowing how these codes are used will help you understand whether the part meets your expectations before you buy it and what you can expect from the part when you receive it. These codes do not always transfer from our system to eBay through our listing tool however all parts listed are in good condition unless otherwise stated in the defect section of the eBay listing. A Grade - The highest quality part. It is of low miles and/or exceptional condition for its age. B Grade - The second level quality part. It is of average miles and normal condition for its age. C Grade - The third level quality part. It has high miles and/or light damage. No Grade  - A part that has not yet been graded. Part Category. A category is a way of classifying a part in inventory. The category appears as a one-letter abbreviation under Part Detail. A category is a way to identify a part by location or condition, and helps to indicate whether a part needs to be pulled and prepped before shipping. Standard Part Categories include: Part Category    Description    Definition U Unbolted Used part, loose and unbolted from vehicle. Y Yard Used part, still on vehicle. N New Part manufactured from scratch. R Rebuilt Used part that is rebuilt or reconditioned. S Surplus Used part for which too many are available. Part Color Definitions Amber     AMB             Burgundy     BRG             Red RED Beige BEI Gold GLD Silver SIL Black BLK Gray GRY Tan TAN Blue BLU Green GRN Teal TEA Bronze BRZ Maroon MRN White WHT Brown BRN Purple PUR Yellow YEL    
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Conditions & OptionsFRT MTD CAMERA, AA5T13C105BA
Genuine OEMYes
Interchange Part Number596.FD2O10
Stock #BI0182
MPNDoes Not Apply
Manufacturer Part NumberDoes Not Apply
GTINDoes not apply
Inventory ID766509
VIN #1LNHL9DR8AG613088

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