Ebay Archoil AR9100 16oz + AR6200 16.9oz - Ultimate Performance Kit - (P1 Kit)

Ebay Archoil AR9100 16oz + AR6200 16.9oz - Ultimate Performance Kit - (P1 Kit)

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Compra en Ebay Archoil AR9100 16oz + AR6200 16.9oz - Ultimate Performance Kit - (P1 Kit) desde 73.63 € vendido por archoil.

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Buy on Ebay Archoil AR9100 16oz + AR6200 16.9oz - Ultimate Performance Kit - (P1 Kit) from 73.63 € selled by archoil.

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P-1 Kit for All Vehicles Including Powerstroke 6.0L and 7.3L EngineP-1 Kit Includes:1-AR9100-16 (16oz) Friction Modifier and System Cleaner (Treats up to 16 quarts of engine oil)  1-AR6200-16 (16.9oz) Fuel Treatment treats 500 Gallons of Diesel or Gas.AR9100 FRICTION MODIFIER100% GUARANTEED TO ELIMINATE INJECTOR STICTION IN 6.0 & 7.3L POWERSTROKES WITHIN 100 MILES OR YOUR MONEY BACK.AR9100 incorporates advanced nanoborate technology in an ester complex to reduce friction and provide extreme pressure, anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection to engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems. AR9100 is absorbed on metal friction surfaces where it forms a protective solid boundary lubricating film. AR9100 also cleans the crankcase and extends oil life.BENEFITSEliminates PowerStroke 6.0 & 7.3L cold start injector problemsCleans out pre-existing carbon, sludge and varnish build upReduces harmful particulate emissionsReduces operating energy requirements (improved fuel efficiency)Inhibits surface corrosionSignificantly reduces surface friction (surface friction cofefficient - test 0.037)Reduces wear (extends equipment life)Reduces noise and vibrationMinimizes fluid oxidation (extends the oil drain cycle)Restores compression and torqueExtreme Pressure agent (falex test failure at 4,000lbs)AR6200 FUEL TREATMENTIMPROVED FUEL LUBRICITY. NEW TREAT RATE.Our AR6200 Fuel Treatment has recently been modified with a new treat rate. The 16.9 oz (500ml) bottle treats 500 gallons of fuel. The new AR6200 is more lubricious and will better protect your fuel system.AR6200 Fuel Treatment is a highly concentrated fuel treatment which Is added to every tank of fuel to boost performance, ensure fuel quality and protect your fuel system from wear, performance robbing deposits and other issues. AR6200 promotes a more complete combustion which improves efficiency, power and response.BENEFITS• Enhanced Lubricity Formula – Protects Fuel System and Injectors• Increases Power and Response• Improves MPG 2-8% (Diesel Engines)• Reduces Smoke & Soot• Reduces DPF Regen Frequency• Dissolves Sludge & Stabilizes Fuel• Maintains Clean Fuel System• Prevents Corrosion• Separates water from Diesel FuelDOSE RATEFor diesel, gasoline and all carbon based fuels: 1ml per gallonPower Boost: 2ml per gallon (Use for first three tanks of fuel. Can be used in every tank if desired.)Two Stroke Engines, Small Equipment and Stored Vehicles: 2ml per gallon
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